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Stone of her Destiny

Stone of her Destiny - Coming November 30th

Coming November 30th, 2017   “Kenna, I’m right behind you,” my brother Robert said. “The Alford’s are duly represented.” I exited my car and squeezed his hand. We waited in silence in front of the Greek Revival structure, Old Bluff—one of the first Presbyterian churches in North Carolina, set close to the River that brought the first Scots over, on the highest bluff overlooking the Cape Fear River for the cue to mount the steps. […]

Yuletide Folly

Yuletide Folly by Joanna A McKethan

In this Southern gothic novel, Sinclair, used to a life style amongst the elite and powerful moneyed horse people in the Sandhills of North Carolina, is called home from her student life as an artist at Auburn University. She brings her redheaded geologist boyfriend to their 20,000 square foot home. The lovebirds have no idea of the evil awaiting them and others in the upscale Ward family. Youngest sibling of four older brothers, she is…

Veiled in White

Veiled in White by Joanna A McKethan

Southern-born Michaela is offered an art study abroad in the small country of Estonia, near St. Petersburg in Russia where she meets, falls in love with, and marries Estonian royalty. Her inquiring mind ruffles official and family feathers for her husband Peeter who works for the government. Although he loves her desperately, she inadverently discovers family secrets his shame would prefer she had not known. Before he can act, Michaela disappears and their life together…

A Deadly Provenance

A Deadly Provenance by Joanna A McKethan

The world Lexi came from was safe, years and miles removed from international intrigue. That all changed when she married into European landed gentry. A Deadly Provenance captures a 1970’s snapshot of an altogether different reality, which forms the backdrop for a fast-moving redirection of Lexi’s exotic, yet ordinary, new life, until unresolved conspiracies from her in-laws’ past surface and burst in to threaten Lexi’s marriage to Jon and their life together. Without heavy historical…